I just had this idea! - blame it on all the free time I have at the moment. What if I document the moment you reunite for the first time, after quarantine, with the ones you want to hug and kiss and laugh with the most? No more virtual rooms. This time together, in person, hand to hand, cheek to cheek. Valuing the moment, cherishing it forever through photographs.

What I will document

Up to 1 hour of photo reportage

of the meeting with the ones you want to be close and hug the most

What you will get

40 photographs

of the reunion moment, that you can share online or print and hang on your walls

How much does it cost

50% off

150€ instead of the standard price of 300€ for each photo session

Choose your favorite voucher from 4 different designs.

about this project:

How did this idea come about?

I want to keep on doing what I love - my job as a freelance photographer. This, while doing something good with my skills that people can benefit from. Not only that, it is also an attempt to bring hope to the hearts and positive thoughts to everyone's heads. These strange times will pass and we may learn something from them, right? What if we learn to value and apprecite more the small things, the ones we take for granted? What if we start being more conscious of every hug, every cuddle, appreciating more the presence of our dear people in our lifes? We would never blame again our grandma for always wanting a kiss, we wouldn't refuse a chance to have your partner sleeping on our chest, we would never say no to a friends group hug. And like this our perception changes. Small things transform into the big things and perceiving that can bring us so much gratitude and happiness.

Combining these thoughts the idea for this personal project was born.

What is the offer exactly?

I am offering my services as a professional photographer to document your first meeting with your people - your partner, your grandma, your parents, your children, your friends, neighboors... People you love and want to celebrate life with, as soon as the quarantine period has passed.
I will meet you at your home, at the park, at a lake, at a dinner party - you name it! - and photograph up to 1 hour your so expected reunion! Then you will receive 40 pictures documenting that moment, that you can keep, share and print. Images in digital format, high resolution, color edited, with personal printing rights, that you will receive through a downloadable online gallery.

How do I get a photo session?

By buying a voucher in the "Get Your Voucher" button. You get a voucher now, in order to reserve a photo session. When the quarentine period is finished and we can meet and move freely again, I will get in touch with you so we can fix a date.

How much does it cost?

150€ up to the amount you would like to pay. When buying the vouchers, you will find two other donation options (200€ or 250€) , in case you want to help me a bit more / think the session is worthed a bit more.

If you are interested in getting a voucher but you are a freelancer, an artist or someone else having difficulties to pay the 150€ due to the COVID-19, write me a message and we'll find a way to make it work for both of us.

How to buy a voucher?

Click on the button "Get Your Voucher" and just follow the link. Next, you will have the option to choose your voucher(s) design: partner / family / friends / minimal. Click on the voucher you want and then on the top right button "BUY". Now you can choose the donation you want to make (150, 200 or 250). Introduce your details, do the payment (via PayPal) and download the voucher. And voilá, you have now booked a session! At this point I have also received your reservation and information so I can contact you.

Feel free to contact me!

If you have a specific request for your photo session or if you have more questions simply get in touch through my contact page on this website. I am more than happy to chat with you about wherever ideas you may have now in your mind and would like to share!

Virtual hugs,

*An ode to tight hugs and long kisses. To interlacing hands and cuddles. To nose to nose and cheek to cheek. To loud high fives and tickles. An ode to hope.*

stay safe & see you soon!