Hello! Olá!

Nice to meet you! And happy you found this little corner of mine.

My name is Ana and I would love to document your love story, your wedding day. This, in the most natural, intentional, candid way. Observing and catching the small things, the ones that matter the most and that make you, your family, your relationship unique. Important moments that pass at a glance - because you're busy living them -, that you'll be able to remember forever through photographs.

My approach is based on documentary photography.

I am interested in people and in their own stories. I want to hear from you and to understand your story, in order to tell it in the most truthful and genuine way.

To capture emotions, more than the posing moments in front of the camera. The most important thing is that you recognize yourself and your beloved one(s) and your multiple forms of expression in the photos I create. The moment makes the photo, not the opposite.

To capture your adventures, wherever they are happening in the world, and turn your experiences into visual memories you'll hold forever to share with your kids and great-grandkids. Experiences over things, always.

To be like a friend - an almost invisible one - behind the camera. The most important thing for me is that you feel comfortable in your own skin with the camera around.

If you see yourself in these words, we'll get along, for sure.

Why being a photographer?

I am an observer, a creative and a visual storyteller by heart. And in photography I found the perfect medium to express myself.

Photography helps me to be present in the moment. The small details, the light and shadow contrasts, the movement around me.... everything matters. These moments of observation bring me ease and I feel connected with the place where I am, with myself, with life. And that is, for me, the essence of this beautiful art, the essence of my path in photography.

Other facts about me:

I am a portuguese photographer living in Berlin. A girl born by the sea, in a small rural area close to Oporto. Besides Oporto, I lived in Sheffield, Barcelona and currently in Berlin.

I'm a travel addict - slow travels are my favorite and travel photography is another interest of mine! My next dream trip is to go to Latin America and to do a long bikepacking trip, discovering its beautiful people and landscapes.

I'm also a nature and animals lover... Oh, and I like to watch the moon.